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Hail Netting System- Prevent Hails and Protect The Crops

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Hail netting is polyethylene monofilament, healthy, and UV protected. Hail netting material ensures that the plants protect from hail and birds till their harvest.
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Hail netting

Briefly, hailstones are frozen rain pallets. During bad weather and stormy condition, the chances of frozen balls growing bigger are very high. The size of the hailstones can grow as much as a tennis ball. A typical hail shower has a pallet size of an inch, approximately a quarter size or smaller, which is not very damaging. But future changing climates forecast heavy hailstorms, which can be destructive for the crops. For such concerns, hail netting is a vital thing to install. Hail netting structures are well tested and have a design that protects the plants from such a worse climate.

Hail netting is polyethylene monofilament, healthy, and UV protected. Hail netting material ensures that the plants protect from hail and birds till their harvest.

Specifications of hail netting

Following are the specifications of net usually used in hail net

  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP)
  • The diameter of wire: 0.25-0.40mm
  • Size of hole: 8mm to 10mm
  • Width: 1-8m
  • Weight: 40 to 180 GSM
  • Colour: Black, Grey, White, green and transparent

The most economical way of enjoying crops throughout the year from farmers’ fields is by using a proper netting system that ensures growth. Safety from birds, pests, and hail is vital for fruit growth. Nets are easy and effective for adequate growth. Hail net installation is easy and handy. Hai net is light in weight and available in color that helps the plant fully grow. Hail nets are usually installed during the fall and spring seasons, as hail showers are most common in these seasons. Many fruits are ready to frost during the spring season, and hail protection is a much-needed thing to save them from damage. Unlike the spring and fall seasons, the summer season also requires hail net protection. This hail net protection also provides prevention against pests, birds, and animals as they love munching on freshly grown plants and their seeds.

A hail net can be installed in a row, draped over the plant, canopy, and as a flat shade. All the ways ensure proper cross of air, water, and natural light to the crops or plants. Such protection allows the crops to develop to produce maximum fruit, which is likely profitable for the orchard owners. 

EYOUAGRO specializes in providing hail protection. Our knowledgeable team has made it from perfect fabric that ensures landscapes and plants’ safety from hail damage. EYOUAGRO hail nets are highly durable and practically tested to accommodate hailstones of different sizes and ensure daylight and proper air. 

Why is hail netting needed?

Damage is damaging no matter how big, how severe, how expensive, and how time-consuming. Damage impacts mental health, and the same goes for hailstorm damage. It would be best if you did not wait for the damage to happen; instead, prepare for the time before it happens. A stitch in time save nine is a famous phrase. So, it’s better to protect your things from hailstorms before destroying your effort and end product. Use a hail netting system to protect your yards and enhance their value by saving them from natural disasters. 

In the past couple of years, hail has made quite a noticeable damage in the world. BBC NEWS has reported hailstorms of an orange size in Italy. At the same time, Colorado faced a recording-breaking hailstone shower with a size that has killed a person

Hail nets also help to speed up the seedling process. Hail net cover protects the plants from rain by leaving the soil crusted, making fallen seeds say on the surface. Besides seedlings, hail nets also prevent the birds from damaging the plants. 

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Hail netting

How to install hail netting?

You can easily install a hail net; it is not challenging. Hail netting structure installation requires using anchors, wooden or cemented poles with wire fittings, and net fittings that allow the net to stand hail shower. When fruits start to ripe at the start of the fall and spring season, that’s the time you cover them. Insects emerge during spring and fall, and birds find their food in trees. So, you need to install hail netting to protect them. For bigger crops, side rows installation is best to save them from insects, birds, and hailstorms. More giant trees hail net is installed in a drape down position, covering all the trees to eliminate hail and birds. Hail netting installation should be done as per the requirement to save cost. For extreme weather conditions, hail nets need windbreakers to stand intact. 

Accessories list for the installation of hail netting

To install hail netting, you need a few accessories; these are as follow:

Pole caps

  • Concrete pole caps
  • Wooden pole caps
  • A simple wooden cover cap

Net fastening

  • Net connecting pins: the best solution for fixing the net in the middle
  • Flat plate: fixing the lateral net 
  • Shade cloth clips: They are used to connect nets and efficiently fix nets gaps.

Net fixing

  • Net fixing pegs: A handy accessory used to close the net’s edges. 
  • Polyester wire: It is used for overlapping, tying, and cross-stitched installation of the net.
  • Shade cloth hook: used for stretching net on the transversal rope. Help in net scrolling without any damage.


Hail showers are uncontrollable natural weather conditions. Instead of panicking over such situations and checking the crops, you need to take prior actions to avoid massive destruction. EYOUAGRO hail netting is designed to fit the needs of its clients. Their nets are easy to install, economical in price, and customized as per space. EYOUAGRO aimed to provide top-quality, effective, and practically tested products in the market. They are providing their clients with the perfect product. Our team commits to working with the clients to provide the best solution for their situation, staying within their budget. EYOUAGRO has the resources and technology that offers maximum solutions for its client issues. You need to drop an email at for all the hail netting-related queries or visit the website and learn about available netting products and choose the one that best suits your need.

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