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Indoor vs. Outdoor Shading in Greenhouses: How to Choose for Your Plants?

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In the quest for optimal greenhouse efficiency and plant health, the debate between indoor and outdoor shading techniques is a pivotal one. Each method has its own set of advantages tailored to different types of crops and greenhouse operations.

External Shading

External shading, often implemented with standard shade nets in a variety of colors, is placed at a distance from the greenhouse glass. This setup not only provides shade but also ensures adequate ventilation. It’s especially effective in lowering the temperatures within the greenhouse, making it a suitable option for plants that have lower economic value or less specific environmental requirements, such as certain vegetables and tomatoes. This method is generally more cost-effective and easier to install, appealing to a wide range of greenhouse operators.

Internal Shading

On the other hand, internal shading, with products like Aluminet, offers a more sophisticated solution. Aluminet is renowned for its ability to precisely control shading percentages, catering to the nuanced needs of more delicate crops such as flowers and herbs. These plants often require more accurate environmental control to thrive. Besides shading, Aluminet can also provide insulation and diffuse light reflection, enhancing the greenhouse’s overall climate control capabilities.

The Combination of 3 Multilayer

For those operating at the forefront of greenhouse technology, integrating a combination of :

Customization possibilities extend further, with combinations like external shading coupled with internal insulation or internal shading paired with internal insulation, each offering unique benefits tailored to specific plant needs and external conditions.

Ultimately, the choice between internal and external shading hinges on your specific requirements, from the types of crops you cultivate to the climatic conditions of your locale.

At EyouAgro, we’re dedicated to delivering netting solutions tailored to your greenhouse requirements, ensuring your plants flourish. Recognizing the differences between indoor and outdoor shading is crucial for informed decision-making. For any queries, feel free to contact us.

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