Orchid Shade Cloth

Provide your orchids with the perfect amount of light and humidity for a healthy, happy orchid

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Commercial Orchid Shade Cloth

The HAIL-PROOF Netting Solution For High-Yield Orchard!

Eyouagro Orchid Shade Cloth is a popular orchid accessory. It also comes in three different shade ratios (50%, 70%, 90%), so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly!

    • Translucent protection from too much or too little light
    • Allows just enough light to pass through for plants or orchids.
    • Made of natural and synthetic materials,
    • Enough light to pass through for plants or orchids to grow.
orchid shade cloth
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General Application For Shade Cloth

Shade cloth has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Shade Netting to Protect Your Animals

Find the rights Shade Netting below for your Orchard; All of our products are provided with up to 8 years warranty.

40% shade net
40% Balck Shade Cloth

110g/m2 · 40% · Monofilament

60% shade net
60% Black Shade Cloth

145g/m2 · 60%  · Monofilament

aluminet 2
40% Siliver Shade Cloth

145g/m2 · 40% · Aluminet

aluminet shade cloth 70
75% Siliver Shade Cloth

145g/m2 · 75% · Aluminet



Mesh Size[mm]




UV Warranty               

Ideal for





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

5 Year

Cost-Effective | Fruit Tree Hail Protection





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

8 Year

Light weight | Low Strength  | Hail & Wasp Protection





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

8 Year

Multipurpose,Durable | Bird , Hail Protection Shade Protection | Canopy





2- 2,5 – 3 – 3,5 – 4

5 Year

High Strength | Durable | Hail Netting System | Low ourput production ,Long delivery time

EyouAgro is a Orchid Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Shade Cloth for Orchid, Flowers, Greenhouse  and so on.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made shade net , we can all help.
Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!
More Netting Fasteners to Support Your Orchards

With the help of unique Plastic Accessories;
The Netting could be easily installed, fastened, and collected.

clips for net connection 3
Clips for Connection
clips for top wire 3
Clips for Top Wire
clips for net fixing 1
Clips for Net Fixing
winterfix main
Net WinterFix
pins for net sewing main
Pins for Net Sewing
bungee cord for hail netting
Elastic Wire
c hooks
Hooks for Hail Netting
caps for concrete pole main
Caps for Pole
Netting Calculator

Try this netting calculator to get an approximate purchase requirements and send an enquiry to me

netting calculation
More Info

Our Netting Calculator will give you a custom agricultural netting quantity based on the Length & Width & Row of your orchard or vineyard netting project.

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A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose EyouAgro?

Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reliable Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant orchid shade netting manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need orchid shade netting or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

We Have Great Answer
Commonly Asked Questions

The answer lies in how light interacts with the plants themselves.

Black shade cloth will absorb all light and heat that comes in contact with it. So, when plants are under black shade cloth, they can't photosynthesize, which is what makes them grow!

Since orchids thrive best in bright indirect sunlight, we recommend using a white shade protection cloth to allow for the maximum amount of natural light.

If you are an Orchid grower, it is essential to know that Orchids can't survive without shade. Orchids need a specific amount of light and cooler temperatures to thrive.

In the past, shade cloth for Orchids was made of cotton. Still, now, with more advanced technology, Eyouagro has a new solution called Orchid Shade Cloth which is resistant to UV radiation and durable enough to withstand Orchid wind damage and sagging.

Orchid Shade Cloth will increase your orchid production by Protecting the plants from direct sun exposure, which prevents burning, helps regulate temperature and humidity levels, and protects from wind damage during storms or high winds. Orchids grown under Orchid Shade Cloth can be harvested up to 12 months earlier than Orchids indoors or outdoors.

Orchids require at least 50% direct sunlight to grow well. So, all Orchid Shade Cloths must block out light over this amount. Choosing a shade cloth with an SPF rating will help protect your Orchids against harmful UV rays.

Eyouagro Orchid Shade Cloth is made of a material called Orlon, specially designed to block 97% of the sun's harmful rays.

The percentage of sunlight blocked by Orlon:

Orchid Shade Cloth Percentage

UV Protection

% (UV-A + UV-B)














If you're looking for maximum protection, then we recommend using 100% Orlon Shade Cloth as this will ensure that all light passes through only one layer and blocks out 98% of UV Rays (UV-A + UV-B).

If you're looking for less intense shading, use 75%, 50%, 25%, or even 0%.

Eyouagro Orchid Shade Cloths are available in various SPF ratings, so you can choose one that is appropriate for your needs and the location where you will be using it.

Orchids, which prefer shade, require shade cloth of 75 to 80%. This level of shade cloth will definitely be enough to protect this plant species from the sun's rays.

Silver shade cloth with a 70% light transmission rating is recommended for orchids.

A white shade cloth would be the second best option because it reduces sunlight while allowing all spectrums to be visible in the greenhouse.

When you are unable to get your hands on silver or white shade cloths, you may use a cloth with a 75% black color.

If your orchids are in a windy area, or if they require more protection than what knitted orchid covers can provide, then woven orchids may be the better option. Knitted orchid coverings will work well in addition to other orchid care or for orchids that are thriving in different climates.

The knitted orchid shade cloth is a more economical choice, as it provides the same sun protection but with less expense on material and labor needed to create them. This orchid shade cover can be made from cotton (rather than nylon), which will make this orchid shade cloth more breathable and less likely to cause orchids to overheat.

If you're not sure which orchid netting is suitable for your orchids, ask our expert!

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Agriculture Protection Textile

Agriculture Protection Crop Covers are mostly used to prevent and manage microcliamte.
They are used primarily to slow erosion, improve soil health, enhance water availability, smother weeds, help control pests and diseases, increase biodiversity and bring a host of other benefits to your farm.

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The favorable microclimate makes plants healthier and stronger. Less chemical treatment is required. Plants can put their energy into fruiting.

We help farmers minimize loss by providing them with sustainable, green, healthier solutions to their protection needs and establish favorable microclimate.

Ideal cultivation conditions increase the photosynthesis of plants, thereby producing polyphenols. The increase in polyphenols means that A safer, healthier food, Better health for humans.

Why You Choose Eyouagro?
Why EyouAgro
Rich Experience

Ets.1996, 25+years’Export and Industry Experience, Serving more than 55 countries and areas.

Excellent Convenience

One-Stop Service, from Customers’idea, sampling, testing, producing, package delivery, and after-service. Solution-finder for agriculture  issues

Multiple Choices

Large product offering available to the agriculture protection, construction protection to garden decoration markets and their related accessories.

5 Reason to Choose EyouAgro
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In the past decade, We’ve delivered our product solution
to top orchards in the industry

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Method of Manufacture
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Vineyard Side Netting Installation
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Vineyard Side Netting Install 2
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Want to Know More Installation Guideline?
EyouAgro Butterfly Clip
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Side Netting Clips
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Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Winter Fix
Net Winter Fix

Winter Fix is durable nylon clip , ideal for the security fastener and collection the side netting in the winter. 

100/bag · 1200/case

Looking for Your Installation Accessary?
Eyouagro Agrotextile 3
EyouAgro Agrotextile
Professional Manufacturer
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EyouAgro Shade Netting
Shade Netting
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Bird Netting
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Hail Netting
Hail Netting
Insect Netting
Want to discuss Your Agriculture Protection Solution?
Orchid Netting:
The Comprehensive Guide (2021)

Orchid netting prevents damage from high winds, hail, pollen drift, birds’ droppings, falling branches, or other similar events that could harm your orchids. Orchid netting is made of durable plastic mesh that can grow plants up a tree, along the side of a building, or as an enclosure for growing inside during winter months.

Table of Contents

What is Orchid Shading? 

The orchid shading system helps protect your orchids from scorching sunlight, which can cause fading of the leaves and flowers and burn them. Shade cloths are typically used in greenhouse benches during the summer months, where temperatures may be too high for live plants or orchids.

What are the different types of orchid shade cloth?

Shade cloths are typically made from materials like cotton, polyester, or nylon and can be found in various lengths and widths, depending on your needs. According to the fabric structure, there are two different kinds of orchid shade cloth: knitted or woven.

1.   Knitted orchid shade cloth:

It is a type of orchid shade cloth that offers sun protection without blocking the airflow. Knitted orchids are typically made from cotton and nylon, with aluminum wire sewn to give it shape. This orchid shade cover will stretch when weight is applied but won’t sag over time because this orchid shade cloth is made of natural fiber.

2.   Woven orchid shade cloth:

Woven orchids are the other type of orchid shade cover, and they typically offer more protection than knitted orchids. They tend to be heavier-duty because woven orchids provide sun shading and block airflow from all sides – perfect for windy or rainy climates.

Besides these Orchid Shade Cloth comes in three sizes: 12′ x 100′, 24′ x 150′, and 36’ x 200′. Eyouagro Orchid netting is also available in various sizes, including 100′ and 150′ rolls.

Benefits of Installing Orchid Shade cloth?

Eyouagro Orchid Shade Cloth is a versatile, affordable, and practical shade cloth that can be used for many purposes? It provides excellent coverage of crops from damaging sunlight. The Orchid Shade Cloth also blocks out up to 98% of UV rays! This natural fiber and fabric have been explicitly designed to protect plants in hot climates or during periods of drought. Orchid Shade Cloth is perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening and can also be used to shade livestock or other animals.

Orchid Shade Cloths are great because they protect from the sun’s harsh rays without interfering with photosynthesis, as many synthetic fabrics do! Orchids are very sensitive to excessive sunlight, and Orchid Shade Cloths can help prevent damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. The Orchids will also love the protection from heat waves that Orchid shade cloths provide!

Where is Orchid Shade Cloth Used?

Application Area of Orchid Shade Cloth:

  1. It can be used to cover orchards in the spring and summer months. This helps protect the fruit from sunburn while also providing a natural habitat for pollinating insects like bees and butterflies often threatened by pesticides.
  2. It could be used in other applications, such as shielding a boat dock from direct sunlight. Orchid Shade Cloth is available for purchase in custom-cut pieces and can be secured to buildings with fasteners or Velcro.
  3. It has been featured at trade shows around the world because it offers an effective solution to excessive heat build-up. Orchid Shade Cloth has undergone testing to confirm that it is 100% safe for humans and animals, as well as 100% recyclable.
  4. It can be custom cut by measure to fit any application or purchased off the shelf with sizes ranging from 25 feet x 50 feet to 100 feet x 300 feet.

7x Steps on How to install Orchid Shade Cloth for Your Orchid Farm?

The following steps will teach you how to install Orchid Netting on your Orchid Plant:

Step 01: Measure the height and width of the Orchid Plant.

Step 02: Determine how much Orchid Netting you will need by following these measurements:

Bags to Cover Area x Orchid Size = Orchid Netting Square Feet Needed

Example: To cover a 12 “x12” Orchids would require approximately .35 Orchid Netting Square Feet.

Step 03: Purchase Orchid Netting and the appropriate number of bags.

Step 04: Cut Orchid Netting to the size required for your Orchids using scissors or saw, then tie it onto any structure such as, but not limited to: stakes or poles that are firmly secured into the ground.

Step 05: Slide Orchid Netting over Orchids, starting at the bottom and then work your way up, tying with string or wire to secure netting in place.

Step 06: Once Orchid Netting is on all Orchids, tie any excess material to a stake or pole.

Step 07: Check Orchid Netting every few weeks to ensure it is secure and there are no tears or holes that need to be fixed with extra material.

Once your Orchids have finished blooming, remove Orchid Netting from plants by sliding it off starting at the bottom of the plant first, then work your way up.

When to install the Orchid Netting to get the timing right?

Orchid Shade Cloth should be used in the spring and summer months, shielding fruit from sunburn while providing a natural habitat for pollinating insects often threatened by pesticides.

7x Tips for Orchid Netting


  • Have a plan of the installation before proceeding.
  • Attach the netting to masonry, wood, or vinyl siding.
  • Maintain post spacing of at least 12 inches (30cm) apart.
  • Install orchid netting in a diamond pattern.
  • Store indoors or in a dry place that is not too hot or cold and away from direct sunlight.


  • Install Orchid Netting when it is windy outside.
  • Install while there is no breeze at all and when winds are above 15 mph.

How to buy orchid shade cloth or netting?

You can buy premium orchid shade clothing from Eyouagro. Eyouagro orchid netting or orchid shade cloth could be custom made to order and delivered worldwide within a short time.

Whether you need orchid netting or orchid shade cloth or need to custom any netting products, EyouAgro can always satisfy ASAP according to your needs, even in peak season.


Eyouagro 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth is the best choice for orchids and commercial orchid growers. Because it has a higher resistance to sunlight than other orchid shade cloths, good ventilation, and can be used for many years without fading! We have an extra-long warranty so that you know Eyouagro stands behind every orchid shade cloth we sell.

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