Heavy Duty Blueberry Netting

Blueberry netting, specifically blueberry bird netting, is a unique material that comes as a saver for your plantation. Other methods protecting your blueberry bush are available, but no method beats blueberry bush netting.

Commercial Blueberry Bush Netting

The FAIL-PROOF Netting Solution For High-Yield Orchard!

  • 100% virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin
  • Easy to install and remove
  • The material is knitted
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty netting.
  • protect from 20% or higher yield losses annually
  • Create a microclimate for your blueberry bushes
Blueberry Bush Netting
Your Reliable Blueberry Netting Suppliers

Keep The Pest Birds Away From Your Orchard Completely!

  • Short delivery time: the bird will not wait for you, so make sure the delivery time will be as short as possible.
  • Flexible Manufacture, customized: getting your netting materials customized will better suit your plantation.
  • Low MOQ, Small batch available: if you think your order will be small, try to contact a manufacturer and ask which minimum MOQ they can deliver.
  • Professional Advice, long experience- you will need consolations while building blueberry netting and afterward.
More Related Blueberry Netting Supplies

You want intelligent ways to protect your blueberries. See these products.

Blueberry Plant Netting
Blueberry Plant Netting

Blueberry plant netting is an efficient way of protecting your precious blueberry fruits. Before purchasing it, make sure you study the types of wildlife attaching your berries because the mesh you use may not be effective against several birds. Make sure you choose a serious supplier that will support you with advice afterward. Some of its features are as follows.

  • Highly efficient against sizeable birds
  • Create a microclimate for your blueberry bushes
  • UV light protection
  • Life Expectancy – 5 years
Blueberry Bush Covers
Blueberry Bush Covers

When you have the rows planted with blueberry bushes, make sure you set e structures around the rows. This can be done with bamboo poles set on two opposite sides, then fix them together to create a V-shape. After that, netting material should be placed above this structure. This way, we have created blueberry bush covers with the following features.

  • Elastic hoops with 43″ tunnels
  • Highly efficient against sizeable birds
  • Easy to install and remove after harvesting period
  • Suitable Hight, will not damage blueberry bush.
Raspberry Netting 2
Raspberry Netting

Even though the raspberry plant is not as attractive as the blueberry in the bird’s eye, raspberry netting is a must in the raspberry plantation. So, make sure you have everything set before it is too late. The types of netting and mesh you should use may differ. But the features of raspberry netting are these.

  • Biological control for the pest
  • Lightweight material, no damage for the Raspberry bushes.
  • UV resistant.
  • Easy to install
Vineyard Netting Applicators
DIY Blueberry Netting

DIY blueberry netting is a protecting structure made to hold the net off the blueberry bush. Structure frames can be from different types of materials. Starting from PVC material, wire, wood, etc. This is an easy solution, applicable in a smaller area with a blueberry plantation. This netting frame has the below characteristics.

  • Easy to install and easy to remove the structure
  • Protection from birds and other pests
  • UV protection, sunburn protection
Permanent Orchard Netting
White Blueberry Netting

White blueberry netting is named after the net color used to protect the blueberries. The net can be in three colors, white, black, and green. Nowadays, the color of the netting does not necessarily mean better quality. This is because the longevity and the protection against UV light are similar to both nets. So, the white blueberry netting has the following characteristics.

  • UV stabilizer
  • Less reduction from sunlight
  • Protection from birds and other pest
  • UV protection
Blueberry Enclosure
Blueberry Enclosure

Blueberry enclosures are a safe option in the fight against big animals. A support structure is built around the planted area with blueberries. And above that structure, a blueberry net should be applied. The supporting structure should be built properly because atmospheric factors can damage it easily. Blueberry enclosure is characterized with:

  • Suitable for Blueberry and Raspberry.
  • Row covers, against insect and hail,
  • Requires connecting accessories
  • Why EyouAgro
  • Installation
  • Accessories
  • More Application
Why You Choose Eyouagro?
Raw Material

Eyouagro used 100% pure virgin HDPE Resin as material, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly.

UV Stabilizer

According to global different areas, we make the special UV stabilizer formula for them. 5-8 Years guarantee.

Innovative Agrotextile

Special lockstitch knit makes the fabric more strength. High technology and quality for Agriculture Protection Textile

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Vineyard Side Netting Installation
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Vineyard Side Netting Install 2
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Want to Know More Installation Guideline?
EyouAgro Butterfly Clip
Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips are durable and innovative concept nylon clips shape to security fastener side netting to the structure.

100/bag · 2000/case

Side Netting Clips
Net Fastering Clips

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Winter Fix
Net Winter Fix

Winter Fix is durable nylon clip , ideal for the security fastener and collection the side netting in the winter. 

100/bag · 1200/case

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EyouAgro Agrotextile
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EyouAgro Shade Netting
Shade Netting
Eyouagro Bird Netting
Bird Netting
Insect Netting
Hail Netting
Hail Netting
Insect Netting
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Blueberry Netting:
The Ultimate Guide(2021)

Imagine you put so much work and money into blueberry farming. Waited three to four years to have those first fresh blueberries. And you see that even before blueberries are fully ripened. Birds are eating these attractive colored fruits.

But hold on! This story does not have a sad ending. Blueberry netting, specifically blueberry bird netting, is a unique material that comes as a saver for your plantation. Other methods protecting your blueberry bush are available, but no method beats blueberry bush netting.

Table of Contents


Blueberry is such an attractive fruit nowadays. The nutrition values of this berry are well-known, and the demand is increasing every year. But this plant is not easy to cultivate and requires a lot of investment upfront. So, all the hard work and investments to make this plant economically profitable. And yet, you face a problem that will decrease your yield up to 20%. This is nerve-wracking and requires an immediate solution.

Birds are attacking and eating your blueberry fruits. But we have a card under the sleeves that will make this issue solvable. Blueberry netting comes as a unique material to save your plantation.

Okay! Let’s have a walk into your blueberry plantation and talk about it in detail.


What is Blueberry netting?

Blueberry netting is a material made of 100% virgin HD Poly-ethylene resin. This material is lightweight and durable in severe weather conditions. When applying blueberry netting to your plantation, your berries are going to grow safely from external harmful factors. Protection from wildlife is the major reason growers use this material. But using blueberry netting will have even more benefits—for instance, protection from sunburn, UV lights, hail, rain, and wind.

What is the blueberry netting material?

The blueberry netting material is made from High-Density Poly-ethylene knitted netting. Coming in different shapes and sizes. Blueberry netting material is eco-friendly and specialized as a UV stabilizer. The premium agro textile comes with a special lockstitch, knit.

Do blueberries need netting?

Netting is an essential request for blueberries. Every year more than 20% of all the products will be harmed by birds. That is why growers can not afford these losses and are quick on putting the net as soon as possible.

What birds eat blueberries?

They are several birds eating your blueberries. Some are listed below.

  • Bluebirds
  • Catbirds
  • Mockingbirds
  • Other wildlife

How to protect blueberries from birds?

Blueberry net is an environmentally friendly way to keep birds away from your plantation. Once the material is set, the grower will be released from the bird concern.

How do I keep birds from eating my blueberries?

Set your blueberry net structure accordingly. And you will keep birds away. This may seem costly in the beginning. But in the long run, using blueberry netting will cost you cheaper than other protecting methods.

Blueberry Bush Netting
Blueberry Bush Netting

More application:

Protect blueberry bushes from squirrels – the most effective method to protect blueberry bushes from squirrels is netting. Yet, you see they are going through the net make sure you chose the proper net. Alternatively, you can use some scaring devices against squirrels.

Protect blueberry bushes from deer– netting is again the most effective way to protect against deer. But the most favorable method is building a “cage” around the bushes and applying the net all around.

Blueberry Bush Winter Care:

Should I cover my blueberry bushes in winter?

This is an important question. Even though blueberries during the wintertime go through a dormant period, a sudden increase in temperatures in the winter will damage them. That is why it will be beneficial if we would cover blueberry bushes and give them a microclimate to protect themselves.

Protection Blueberry netting ideas:

Why is the blueberry netting design for? The blueberry netting is designed to protect your plants. Designing this material requires taking care of; longevity of the net, being environmentally friendly, easy to install, etc.

When to cover the blueberry bushes?

The farmer should hurry up and cover the blueberry bushes even before they are ripe. This is because birds will attach the berries as soon as they see them. So, if you want to protect your blueberry fruits, it would be best if you started as early as possible.

How to build a blueberry netting system?

When you decide to build a blueberry netting system, it will help keep in mind these things. First of all, find a reliable supplier from where you can secure premium materials. After that, consult an expert for the type of netting structure and mesh you should be using.

The final step will be building, when you have the idea and the plan set. You should only follow the manual and make it done.

Where to buy the blueberry netting?

Blueberry netting can be found easily. But if you are looking to buy directly from the manufacturer, you should go for EYOUAGRO. This will be a one-stop-shop for you. You will find everything about blueberry netting and related accessories.

What’s the blueberry netting price?

It depends on the blueberry netting system and the quality of the net you are choosing. You will find different prices. Generally, blueberry netting requires building a structure similar to a “cage,” which is more costly.

But you can skip some steps if you will buy directly from a manufacturer because you will get better prices and other support that comes with that.

How to choose the right blueberry netting?

When choosing the right blueberry netting, you should consider several factors. What kind of netting system, right parameters for your plantation, Hight of the net doesn’t affect the blueberry plant, etc.

What is the best blueberry netting?

Generally speaking, the best blueberry net is the one that fits your plantation better. It is cost-efficient for you, and you will benefit long-term from using that blueberry net.

When you encounter problems with bigger animals like deer, the most suitable blueberry netting will be those with “cage.” Due to the force such animals can make to reach the blueberry fruits, you should be careful to make a strong structure.

What kind of netting do you use for blueberry bushes?

In most of the blueberry plantation, the mesh used to protect blueberry netting is 3/4″. But the are two other different sizes you can use; 1/4″, and 2/4″.

As per blueberry netting, they are two excising ones; 14′ x 100′ and 14′ x 200′.

Blueberry netting Accessories list

You already chose the supplier and the blueberry you are going to use. But you will still need accessories that go along with it. Some of them are listed below:

Blueberry netting frame Blueberry netting plastic clips Blueberry netting enclosures Blueberry netting kit
The hoop frame Cloth clips DIY netting system full blueberry netting
The coat hanger system Attach the nets “Cage” netting system Suitable to build the structure easily
The single-pole and wireframe Attach steel or wood pieces Drape netting Can be bought together


While you are making a deal to buy the blueberry netting, make sure the company you are getting can provide you with a good warranty condition. For these types of products, you are in a market. A guarantee deal from 5 to 8 years would consider an excellent deal.


I told you upfront that you will end up satisfied in the end. Now that you have all the information you need about blueberry netting. You know that external factors will no longer threaten your blueberries.

Last but not least, chose the right supplier to be with you in all this journey as long as you have a strong partner supporting your blueberry bush. This story will have a happy ending.

We are at your disposal for any technical or commercial information


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