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7 Secrets of Fruit Tree Netting – You Need to Know

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Fruit Orchard Netting
Fruit netting trees are available with a mesh size that ensures the development of fruit and birds' safety. Nets are an effective way of preventing birds from nesting and eating fruits.
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The wild animals and birds around your area cannot differentiate between the wild or commercial or domestic fruit trees. Fruits in orchards and gardens are tempting food for hungry animals. Netting is the most famous method of preventing wildlife and saving fruit. Appropriate netting is vital as inappropriate netting can trap, injure, or even kill animals, especially birds like flying foxes and bats. Larger size netting is likely to trap animals, and their escaping struggles hurt them badly, which often leads to death. Fruit netting trees are available with a mesh size that ensures the development of fruit and birds’ safety. Nets are an effective way of preventing birds from nesting and eating fruits.

Fruit Tree Netting.jpg
Fruit Tree Netting.jpg

While choosing fruit tree netting, make sure you order the one with the smallest mesh size to avoid the little birds’ entrance. The small mesh size ensures the protection of fruits against small and large birds, insects, and wild animals. Before covering your fruit, tress makes sure that your installation does not trap or harm the wildlife animals. It will not only affect the animal but will damage the net.

So if you want to grow apples, peach, cherries, and others suited to your area’s variations, you’ll love to know about the 7 secrets of fruit tree Netting.

Let’s get started.

What type of fruit tree netting material is best?

The fruit tree netting material should be flexible enough to form a canopy over trees. Some plants require drape over installation, and some require row installation. Based on your requirement, choose the one with maximum flexibility. The net should be lightweight, so there is no damage to the tree while installing it. The ideal hole width should measure between half or quarter-inch to ensure that appropriate sunlight, moisture, and ventilation are assured to the tree. Look for high quality, anti-rip, and rot-free net that is durable and long-lasting. Eyouagro offers a wide range of fruit tree netting that is UV guaranteed, temperature protected, and is environmentally friendly.

What are the netting features that do not harm wildlife?

Saving wildlife is equally crucial as saving fruits is. Some net features ensure wildlife safety when covering trees.

Mesh Size

Fruit tree netting is readily available in the smallest size mesh which is saved for wild animals.


Try to buy the fruit tree net with maximum flexibility. The net stretch decreases the death risk of entangled wild animals like a bat, possums, and flying foxes.


The net’s cross-wave pattern also reduces the risk of injuries and deaths in wildlife.

When to cover the fruit trees?

Covering the fruit trees at the right time is essential. You cannot cover your tress the entire season because this will resist the pollination process. The right time to cover fruit trees is right after pollination. The time at which the fruit starts to develop and is green in color. Then install netting over the trees till its harvest to save them from any damage. Usually, people cover their fruit trees in the spring season and remove them at the time of harvest.

Where to buy fruit tree cover?

Netting products are readily available for purchase at Eyouagro. We offer fruit tree netting with different mesh sizes. Visit and buy the one that best suits your requirements, or if you are not sure which one to purchase, then contact our knowledgeable team that will guide you to choose the best.

What are the installation options of fruit tree netting?

There are two options to choose from for installation. Either drape it over the tree or make a frame to hang the net in the form of a canopy or shed. You can directly apply the net over the tree; this way, the net will be in touch with the branches. The other way helps the tree branches stay away from the net, ultimately protecting the fruits. Birds would not be able to reach the tree through frame installation. Frame installation takes time, and it has to be performed on all trees to save the harvest. In the drape-over option, you can cover the tree from tip to toe and tie the net at the trunk to stop the squirrels and birds from getting to the fruits.

What are the advantages of using tree fruit netting?

There are enormous advantages of installing fruit tree netting besides bird protection. These are:

  • Fruit tree netting has a design that protects the tree fruits without harming the birds and animals as it is a better option than shooting and baiting the wildlife to save trees.
  • Tree cover netting is highly effective when applied correctly. It is one of the best ways to stop bird and fruit interaction. Fruit tree netting makes a physical barrier between birds and fruits that is beneficial for growth.
  • In terms of cost, fruit tree nets are much cheaper than other sprays and shooting methods, which are harmful to fruits and yourself.
  • Fruit tree netting is available in different color-making, making the birds see at a distance and save themselves from injuries.
  • Fruit tree net ensures higher profitability as it is a quick solution to prevent wildlife from damaging the fruits and trees.
  • Nets are a long-term investment that saves the orchards from bats and flying foxes hence protecting the valuable garden fruits.
  • Fruit tree netting is versatile; it can be installed permanently or used when required. Easy to use, easy to remove, and easy to reuse.

What are other uses of fruit tree netting?

Fruit tree netting is mostly used by orchards owners’ a large scale. But these netting can also be installed in small gardens to protect the plant from animals and birds. Small plants like berries and strawberries also require net protection. Moreover, vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes can be secured through fruit tree netting. The rule of installation is the same timing, cover your fruits or vegetables right after pollination.

In sum

Frit tree netting is an effective way to protect the orchards on a large scale. Your harvest can be more productive and profitable if covered at the right time. Look for the options that best suit your requirement and save wild animals’ lives. Make sure to choose the one that is the smallest mesh size as the smaller hole has a lesser chance of harming wildlife.

EYOUAGRO offers fruit tree netting with different mesh sizes. If you are unsure which one to buy, then contact our team. We have professionals who can guide you to get the best product for your orchards. Get a quote today and enjoy the healthiest harvest of the year.

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