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ISO Compliant Production Cycle

Lead in Raschel Protection Textile Manufacture since 1996.
Follow Quality Standard ISO9001 in production

Choice of the Best Raw Material & Machine Suppliers

The Best High Desity Polyethylene Manufacturer in China


Worldwide Leader in UV Stablizers and Antioxidant Supplier


The Outstanding Swiss Woven Machine Manufacturer


The Leading Raschel Knitted Machine Manufacturer

Our Producing & Testing Process

We perform 13 tests to produce our top-quality and reliable Agrotextiles and Climate  Screen products.

Out of these, a few are listed below.

methods of predicting plastics reaction to uv 2
High Density Polyethylene Resin

We used the Extrusion Grade HD5000s Raw Material.
 The Density is 0.954g/cm3 and Melt Flow Rate is 0.80g/10min.
which offers good balance of processability, high production rates, excellent tenacity and good appearance.
It is recommended for monofilament or yarn applications.

UV Stabilizer and Antioxidant

We add UV stabilizers and antioxidants to the formulation to help Polymer Netting resist oxidation and UV damage. 
We have several formulations for worldwide different areas.
Such as,
HALS: Tinuvin 783, Chimassorb 2020,
UV absorptions: Tinuvin 326 and so on.

uv stabilizer
uv accelerated weathering tester
UV Test and Aging Test

After the production, We make the UV and Aging Test for yarns and polymer netting fabrics.
The Test Lamp: UVA340 1.55w/㎡/nm.
The Test Standard:ASTM G154-06 Cycle7.
The UV Resistance @1000hrs, @2000hrs

Field Exposure Test

We also have field exposure tests to simulate the real aging environment of products.
The experimental site is located in Yunnan Province, China.
The altitude is more than 2,000 meters,
The annual sunshine time is more than 2,500 hours.
Solar radiation is 150KLY

field exposure test
strength test
Tensile Properties Test

Tensile Properties of monofilament and fabric are very important,
Our QC team compares the strength from monofilament, finished fabric, and after UV aging test.
The tensile test follows the test standard ISO 13934-1.
Pure High-Density Polyethylene, High Tenacity( 1 Den>5.5g)

Infrared and Ultraviolet Block Test

Infrared heat insulation reflection and ultraviolet reflection are two important performances of Climate Screen and Agrotextiles.
We test these two properties through special testing equipment to ensure the excellent performance of the product to meet customer planting needs

infrared and ultraviolet block test

EyouAgro has a 25-year experience in producing the best agriculture protection textiles.

These certifications are a testament to the fact that we only provide quality.

iso 90012015
ISO 9001:2015
sgs uv exposure test
SGS · UV Exposure Test
sgs uv block
SGS · UV Block Test
Eurofins · Reach

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Iso 9001 2015
Ukas Iaf

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is additional proof of Eyouagro effort in offering products of Guaranteed and Certified Quality in its whole productive process.

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