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Warranty Policy

We are committed to providing you with the best products and services.
We understand that sometimes you may receive a product that is defective or not as described.
Therefore, we offer a warranty on all of our products and services.

Product Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Agrotextile is a high quality knitted protective netting designed for permanent or seasonal protection of fruit trees and similar crops.
Agrotextile is manufactured with the latest raschel knitted technology, using high quality ingredients that have been selected for their resistance to ultra violet light degradation.

Joyeyou ( Shanghai / Hongkong ) Industry Co., Ltd. (“Manufacturer”) agrotextiles are submitted to rigorous quality controls according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, to make sure that any product delivered to customers conforms to its specifications.

The following is the sole warranty applicable to Joyeyou Agrotextiles. Any other claims for damage or loss, either direct, indirect or consequential, whatever the cause thereof, are expressly excluded from warranty.

Joyeyou Industry offers three warranty years according to different customer needs and climate characteristics

  • 5 Years at 700Kly
  • 8 Years at 1200Kly
  • 10 Years at 1500Kly

The following is an example of a 5-year at 700kly warranty:


Agrotextile is warranted by Joyeyou ( Shanghai / Hongkong ) Industry Co., Ltd. Hereunder the (“Manufacturer”), for up to five years against deterioration due to the action of ultraviolet (UV) light rays at 700 KLY .

Should Agrotextile due to the action of UV on the material, it can be replaced according to the following schedule:

  1. If Agrotextile does not perform as stated during the first 12 month of the warranty period, it will be replaced with equivalent new netting or at Joyeyou’s option, or the original purchase price may be refunded.

  2. After 12 month, warranty will be based on a pro-rata schedule based on the 5-year (60-month) or warranty above.

    In case of premature failure due to UV-degradation before the end of the guaranteed period, the manufacturer will offer a discount on the purchase price for replacement of the damaged quantity of netting, with the same terms & conditions as those offered by the manufacturer at the time of the sale of the failed netting, according to the formula below:

    D% = (GL – AL) / GL X 100
    D% = discount percentage
    GL = guaranteed period of netting, in months
    AL = actual life of netting at time of failure, in months 

    The netting will be supplied under this warranty at a cost of 1/60 per month (of use prior to the claim) of the price in existence at the time when the claim is made. Replacement will conform to current production specifications.

The guaranteed period, and the life of the netting, are measured from the date of the manufacturer’s invoice to the user for the specific netting. However, if the invoice date is later than 12 months after the production date, the guaranteed period and the life of the netting will be measured from the date of production + 12 months.


As a condition of Warranty, the netting must lie safely on frame, under sufficient tension, and all parts of the netting contacting the frame must be protected according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


The Warranty does not extend to mechanical damage, damage caused by unreasonable treatment or neglect, damage caused by excess use of pesticides (especially those with sulfur, Chlorine, or halogen), or damage due to unusual meteorological conditions.

Warranty range doesn’t include the following:

The cost of the wearing parts is not covered in the warranty; The damage caused by irrational installing and using. The damage caused by man-made. The damage caused by use of chlorine or sulfur based chemicals. The damage caused by force majeure such as flood, fire, earthquake, etc. Do not repair failures caused by physical damage, improper operation, unauthorized changes to the product, and attempt to repair or other natural or manmade disasters.


A Warranty claim will be reviewed if manufacturer is notified of such claim within 30 days of products failure according to instructions below, and the claimants allows inspection by the manufacturer as the installation site, is so requested.


If the event the manufacturer is duly notified of product failure, and a claim is properly made and approved, manufacturer will provide free substitute product according to above replacement schedule, or at its sole option, refund the original purchase price according to above replacement schedule.


Guarantee can only be claimed by showing a copy of the relevant suppliers invoice and a copy of product label as it was attached to the original roll of product at delivery.

The foregoing is the sole warranty applicable to Agrotextiles and is in lieu of all other warranties, written or oral, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Any other claims for damage or loss either direct, indirect or consequential, whatever the cause thereof, are expressly excluded from Warranty. Purchaser’s sole remedies for breach of warranty arising in connection with this purchase shall be the remedies of replacement or refund specified herein.

The manufacturer does not authorize any person to create for it any other obligation or liability in connection with this purchase.

This Warranty certificate is only valid if properly filled and signed by Joyeyou Industry

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